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A Brief About Tania

We are a fully-owned and fully-operated Saudi company. We stemmed from a small investment and grew to become a successfulentity, the larger Tania family. Our company operates several offices and branches and liaises with many partners and clients around the Kingdom to guarantee the timely delivery of Tania water to our customers across the Kingdom. We have an unwavering commitment towards ensuring that water- nature’s precious gift, is managed and distributed with high regard to international quality standards and with utmost respect towards customer needs. This is the key secret behind Tania’s continuous growth and success.

Our story started in 2003, when we established our first bottling factory in Al Shadida valley near Al Kharj city. Tania family’s commitment towards bringing the best water to consumers in the best way possible with highest standards of service resulted in outstanding success and phenomenal growth.

Over the following years, we were certified by all major international bottling and quality assurance authorities and our name has become synonymouswith quality.

In 2014, Tania joined hands with new partners and a new chapter in Tania’s evolving story started. From one single factory to another in Jeddah; from just a 5 gallon company to a one-stop-shop serving all water needs, our journey continues, with continuous evolution and steady progress, and several innovative products in the pipeline.